Friday, August 30, 2013

Powder Room Purchasing Power

That's a lot of "p" in that title, huh? I figured it was fitting for the Powder Room. Sorry, enough potty talk. What can I's 10:30 pm on a Friday after a long and tiring week and my brain is done and I'm okay with that.

So, my inspiration for the powder room is really nothing. As in, I have no inspiration board at the moment. Originally I wanted to model it EXACTLY like Sarah Richardson's blue plaid farmhouse bathroom...but when I excitedly showed my husband my inspiration...

Sarah Richardson Design

....his response was basically that plaid in the bathroom was not happening. Which really kind of surprised me because I find that room to be more masculine (colors, plaid, rustic wood, etc.) but if he feels THAT strongly about it I guess I can find something else and save my battle for when it counts (like when I tell him I want to paint all the cabinets white). And I will need a strong ole battle plan for that.

After making a very quick and basic "To Do" list, I am noticing that there is a lot on that list. Which is exciting and I truly can't wait to tackle it all.....but the problem with me is that I want to do all these projects...and I want to do them all at once. Patience never really has been my strong suit. Did I mention we also have a new baby? So yeah, I will be kind of busy with my little nugget of love in the midst of all this moving and decorating and glue-gunning. All this being said, I have decided to basically use what I already have (or leftover fabric, etc. from purchases for other rooms) to make the powder room purdy.

This is what the room looks like now:

The colors and tile/granite/etc aren't my first choice but the room is all brand spanking new and pretty neutral so those are all pluses. There is an overabundance of iron fixtures, which normally I like...but I almost feel like it's too dark in here with the cabinets also being dark. Oh, and see all those doors? There are 2 closets in the powder room. The one on the right contains the washer and dryer and the one on the left is for storage and also has a slop sink.

Home Fabrics Online

The fabric above was ordered for our mud room. I am so excited about that room because 1) never had a mud room and I've always wanted one...and this is like the mother load of all mud rooms - I mean it even comes with a fireplace! How awesome is that!? Getting that room all pretty is pretty high on my priority list, so I actually went and ordered the fabric I want to use for that space and that space ONLY. Overall I am happy with this fabric but in person it is very yellow and gray - not necessarily a bad thing, just different from what I was expecting (more of a gold and smokey blue). I will still most likely use it for an accent pillow in the mud room as originally intended, but I will have plenty left over and thought this would be a happy little number for the powder room. I think the yellows and grays will work well with the existing granite and tile, plus, it really is a cheery fabric, and it's different/bolder than what I usually choose, so I think it's the perfect choice for the powder room window treatments.

The closet doors are looking a little meh in their current state. I have had great success with chalk board paint in our first home, so I knew I wanted to spruce up those doors with a statement slate gray color (which will match the curtains nicely) and also add a lot of function and purpose. I'm thinking something like this:

Chalk Board Closet Door    I am determined to do something with Chalkboard Paint one of these days. Its my new obsession.
Chalkboard paint closet doors... she added quotes with a stencil and chalk marker Don't Disturb This Groove: Finally A Bedroom Reveal--Tween Boy Room Makeover

Chalk board sliding door.
Source Unknown
For now, I think these powder room ideas are small but mighty and the room will basically be done at that point. No need for a bath mat in there and I can repurpose art, towels, bathroom countertop accessories. If only all the other rooms could be done that quickly....!!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New House!!

We are officially under contract on our new house!! Rather than jumping the gun and posting pictures of the house, I think I should probably wait until we've signed on the dotted line and it's legal and stuff. So, for now, I'll settle with typing up our "To Do" list. Hubby, you might want to avert your eyes...