Friday, August 30, 2013

Powder Room Purchasing Power

That's a lot of "p" in that title, huh? I figured it was fitting for the Powder Room. Sorry, enough potty talk. What can I's 10:30 pm on a Friday after a long and tiring week and my brain is done and I'm okay with that.

So, my inspiration for the powder room is really nothing. As in, I have no inspiration board at the moment. Originally I wanted to model it EXACTLY like Sarah Richardson's blue plaid farmhouse bathroom...but when I excitedly showed my husband my inspiration...

Sarah Richardson Design

....his response was basically that plaid in the bathroom was not happening. Which really kind of surprised me because I find that room to be more masculine (colors, plaid, rustic wood, etc.) but if he feels THAT strongly about it I guess I can find something else and save my battle for when it counts (like when I tell him I want to paint all the cabinets white). And I will need a strong ole battle plan for that.

After making a very quick and basic "To Do" list, I am noticing that there is a lot on that list. Which is exciting and I truly can't wait to tackle it all.....but the problem with me is that I want to do all these projects...and I want to do them all at once. Patience never really has been my strong suit. Did I mention we also have a new baby? So yeah, I will be kind of busy with my little nugget of love in the midst of all this moving and decorating and glue-gunning. All this being said, I have decided to basically use what I already have (or leftover fabric, etc. from purchases for other rooms) to make the powder room purdy.

This is what the room looks like now:

The colors and tile/granite/etc aren't my first choice but the room is all brand spanking new and pretty neutral so those are all pluses. There is an overabundance of iron fixtures, which normally I like...but I almost feel like it's too dark in here with the cabinets also being dark. Oh, and see all those doors? There are 2 closets in the powder room. The one on the right contains the washer and dryer and the one on the left is for storage and also has a slop sink.

Home Fabrics Online

The fabric above was ordered for our mud room. I am so excited about that room because 1) never had a mud room and I've always wanted one...and this is like the mother load of all mud rooms - I mean it even comes with a fireplace! How awesome is that!? Getting that room all pretty is pretty high on my priority list, so I actually went and ordered the fabric I want to use for that space and that space ONLY. Overall I am happy with this fabric but in person it is very yellow and gray - not necessarily a bad thing, just different from what I was expecting (more of a gold and smokey blue). I will still most likely use it for an accent pillow in the mud room as originally intended, but I will have plenty left over and thought this would be a happy little number for the powder room. I think the yellows and grays will work well with the existing granite and tile, plus, it really is a cheery fabric, and it's different/bolder than what I usually choose, so I think it's the perfect choice for the powder room window treatments.

The closet doors are looking a little meh in their current state. I have had great success with chalk board paint in our first home, so I knew I wanted to spruce up those doors with a statement slate gray color (which will match the curtains nicely) and also add a lot of function and purpose. I'm thinking something like this:

Chalk Board Closet Door    I am determined to do something with Chalkboard Paint one of these days. Its my new obsession.
Chalkboard paint closet doors... she added quotes with a stencil and chalk marker Don't Disturb This Groove: Finally A Bedroom Reveal--Tween Boy Room Makeover

Chalk board sliding door.
Source Unknown
For now, I think these powder room ideas are small but mighty and the room will basically be done at that point. No need for a bath mat in there and I can repurpose art, towels, bathroom countertop accessories. If only all the other rooms could be done that quickly....!!!!


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