Monday, April 18, 2011

Give Your Prints More Pizazz

I am a huge fan of molding, in all forms, such as crown, wainscoting, board and batten, bead board, chair name it, I love it. Most styles of molding are considered a wise investment and are pretty much loved by everyone.

However, when decorating our family room, I was inspired by some unique molding that Sarah Richardson used in a bathroom remodel:

The Good Life
The Good Life
To me, this molding is gorgeous and really helps the small prints to stand out. While I personally would love the visual impact, if and when we sell our home in a year or so I'm not so sure how prospective buyers would feel about random trim work on one wall in the family room. What if their artwork wouldn't fit inside this trim box? Or, horror of all horrors, what if they weren't fans of trim/molding at all?

Since this is our starter home, I knew the wise decision would be to find an inexpensive and easily removable version of this trimwork for when moving time creeps up on us. Here is the end result:

My easy and inexpensive solution to this decor conundrum was to purchase the largest plexi-glass poster frame I could find at Walmart; similar to this product:

Mainstays Trendsetter 20 x 30 Black Poster Frame
I then removed the plexi-glass (which you can throw out or re-purpose as you won't need it for this project) and I sprayed the frame white. *It's important to use a primer on the frame because it sure wasn't real wood (my guess would be laminate). I used Krylon's white spray paint primer and white spray paint over that.

Next, I wrapped the cardboard back in $2/yard tan muslin. I used my glue gun to secure the fabric down:

The last step was to somehow attach my smaller frames to the large board. At first I was gung-ho on using picture hanging strips by Command, like this:

Overstock Drugstore
 ....But even though the package claims to support a pound of weight, I still felt unsure about the safety of this...especially since the glass-framed prints mounted inside the large poster frames would be hanging over my favorite place to sit - our family room sectional. So I chose to hang the newly-covered poster frames the old fashioned way (that would be with a nail), then I nailed the small prints directly to the wall, as well. Because the back of the poster frame was cardboard, it was very easy to nail right through it. Now I can sleep (and lounge) easily on our family room sectional knowing that those prints aren't going anywhere....that is until it's time to move.

Side note - I found the coastal prints inside the frames online. Check out my post on finding free vintage artwork here.

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