Tuesday, March 29, 2011

T-3 Days until 3-0!

I've always envisioned that when I turned 30, I would treat myself to something fabulously over the top - basically a once in a lifetime splurge. I've also always drooled over ridiculously-overpriced Chanel purses, so for a long time I figured that would be my top (dream!) choice to welcome my thirties:

Bag Snob
Then along came the Ipads and Iphones and they started to steal the stage from Chanel. Or, maybe an entire day at the spa or a special weekend getaway with Mr. C would be the best way to begin thirty-something?

So with all of these over the top, fabulous possibilities - guess what I actually realllly want for my 30th birthday???

Dewalt Nail Gun

Oh, and a miter saw, too:

Best Power Saws

I want these handy tools so I can add crown molding and wainscoting all over our house, because I am obsessed with trimwork:

entrances/foyers - black garden stools black pedestal table sisal rug art  Ken Gemes Interiors & Tria Giovan Photography!  beautiful transitional
Decor Pad

entrances/foyers - pendant lighting staircase runner  Foyer with huge white linen pendant light!   tapered drum pendant, sisal stair runner and
Decor Pad

entrances/foyers - blue brown striped stair runner white green pillows cane bench white garden stool wainscoting  Thornton Designs  ivory & seafoam
Decor Pad
entrances/foyers - glossy ebony floors bench wainscoting staircase gold gilt vintage frames art tan gray walls  Joe Schmelzer Photography!  gorgeous
Decor Pad
entrances/foyers - bench photo gallery wainscoting tan beige brown white gray hall  Top Design 2: Nathan Egan!  Love this small hall with photo
Decor Pad
I'm more obsessed with trimwork now then Chanel. Sad but true. When I told Mr. C. I wanted power tools for my bday, I thought his eyes were going to bug out of his head. He happily drove me over to Home Depot and we spent a good hour looking at all of the toys and dreaming up our future workshop. It was heaven for both of us. Seriously, when did Home Depot become my favorite store?!?!? Two years ago there's NO way those words would ever leave my mouth. But for now, I truly can't get enough of decorating and investing in our home. I'll save Chanel for my over-the-hill birthday.


  1. Yup i reached the 30 last year and like you i wanted something spanking (loving that bag) but it seems nature turns us 30 year old (or soon to be in your case) into homestyling nuts - i actually buy home mags over vogue and cosmo now! lol. Enjoy your 30th bday pressies and may they bring you lots of joy when you use them :o) Scarlett x

  2. I'm with you. I would much rather have a shopping trip to Home Depot over Channel. Have fun using your new toys and Happy Birthday!

  3. I understand completely. I recently bought a sander and was just as excited over that thing as I was of the LV bags of my past. Probably more so

    As a former handbag and wristwatch addict, I no longer will even LOOK at them. I sold everything I had on ebay last year (kept TWO) and in most instances got more than I paid as I basically had so many bags I only used the special ones occasionally and used 3 or 4 LV bags on a constant basis. They were all still brand new.

    The money I made selling them bought a whole lot of dishes, new furniture and more. LOL

    And I don't miss them a bit.

  4. Hi Erin and Happy Birthday!!...I've been on your blog before and for some reason just now saw your connection to LBI...please visit my blog (I've got a giveaway going on too) and scroll through. I think you will like it. I grew up down the shore and we have a summer home on LBI...I won't go into details...some are on the blog...but I think you may like to follow along as I decorate our rebuilt beach house as well as the moldings, etc we have put in our 1963 ranch house in the Hudson Valley of NY...nice to meet you and hope you get what you want for your bday!!...xo, Mariaelena
    PS: I'm much older than you, but totally agree with your comments about the Jersey Shore show...ugh!!!