Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Has Sprung (at Least on Our Mantle)

So what if there are still snow drifts in our backyard. I am sooo ready for spring and I am putting up my spring decor. If there's still snow out there, so be it! I love changing out our mantle decor to reflect the season, so I figured I'd start there. Here is our $8 spring mantle:

I was inspired by several different DIY bloggers that recently created faux blossoming branches by hot gluing fake flowers to real branches; here's my version:

I took a little trip out to our front yard and collected several branches:

I put the branches in a white spray-painted vase that was originally red (the inside still has some red to it):

I bought a blue hydrangea stem at Walmart for $8:

This flower is the only new purchase I made to create the entire spring mantle scheme; everything else was repurposed from what we already had in our home. I clipped off only a small portion of the flower to use for the branches:

Then I cut off each individual flower petal from the small bunch:

No, our dog is not a smoker. She just thinks she's cool when she carries her raw hide around in her mouth like a stogie.

I was still able to use the remaining flower in a small arrangement in our living room:

The mirror has always been centered over the fireplace:

It's original color was an orange-y maple. I'm pretty sure this mirror was one of the first things in our house to go under the (white spray paint) gun. When it comes to painting something white, you can never go wrong in my opinion.

The twine jug was a recently finished bottle of cognac (my husband's not mine). I stick with my red wine. I hot glued some twine around this bottle and my husband is happily finishing a few other bottles of the good stuff for me to also wrap in twine. Just kidding. Sort of.

The small framed picture was a FREE vintage print found here. I recently posted about finding and framing vintage art here. I simply resized this print to a 5x7 size and I printed it out on white cardstock. The prints on this site all have expired copyrights so you are not violating copyright laws by printing out the images. The white frame was purchased at Christmas Tree Shop awhile back.

The 2 glass apothecary jars were leftover from our salt water taffy bar at our wedding. Read more about that DIY project here. I filled the jars mostly with shells I already had on hand (again, mostly leftover wedding decor), although some of those shells were also found on our honeymoon and a few are from our local beach.

Lastly, the driftwood was found on a recent walk on the beach with my hubby and the dog. Here are a few pics from that day:

Mr. C and the dog helping me find the goods.

She's on the prowl!

Here's our driftwood!
Kaylee thought this lobster trap was even cooler than the driftwood.
There are certain parts of the beach where you can even park your car. How cool is that?!
We had no idea what was buried underneath the sand here!
It was such a beautiful day, and then.....
Kaylee had an idea....
She's off! She's headed straight for....
The ocean! Here is the newest member of the polar bear club, taking a dip in the ocean.
If she's happy, then I don't care. :-) Let the record show that she was not happy thirty minutes later during a forced bubble bath at home. I still don't get why she loves swimming in the ocean (even when it's only forty degrees out) yet she despises the tub.
So that's the scoop on how we repurposed decor we already owned, found some washed up items on the shore, and spent a measly $8 total to create a spring mantle (which I can enjoy whether or not there's still some snow on the ground!)

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  1. Hi Erin, Love the branches, love the shells and I LOVE the little bottle wrapped in jute!! Your Spring mantel looks wonderful. Martina

  2. Oh to have a local beach! You lucky girl! Love your spring mantle!

  3. Love it. I really love that piece of driftwood with the shells... paired with the color of your walls really gives it that 'beachy' feel, without over doing it. The sticks with faux flowers is genius!

  4. Beautiful mantle ... love the branches with the faux flowers, driftwood and shells. And, great beach pictures, too!

  5. You did a great job ~ Lovin the mantle! I'm a little jealous of the beach pictures though! {HA!}

  6. It's so pretty! And I love your wall color. So perfectly beachy. :-) Thanks for following me!

  7. Great pictures! Ahhh beach!!!
    And great minds.....I found some branches in my yard and was going to do the same THING!!

  8. Hi Erin, Thank you for the lovely compliments! I have only been blogging a couple of months, so I am still learning and trying to get out there! I like your blog as well> Looking forward to getting to know you!


  9. I love your mantel and I love your beach pictures! Beautiful!

  10. That is a great idea to decorate your branches. Looks so neat! Your mantel is beautiful and all ready for Spring! Love those beach pictures too.


  11. Great mantle. Hydrangeas are one of my most favorite flowers! Love the beach pictures!

  12. I love your sprintime mantle! It's so fresh and bright. It gives me some ideas for my own, thanks for sharing!

  13. I love your mantle! I am beyond ready for spring! I would love for you to stop by and link up to my Ten Buck Tuesday link party (it lasts all week)!

  14. I needed to see the beach so badly, thank you for those photos! Just two more months and I get to dip my toes in the sand... ahhhhhh...

  15. What a fabulous looking mantle, you have a way of displaying your items, looks like it came out of a magazine. What a great idea for some early spring branches.


  16. Wonderful mantle! Love the look of driftwood and shells. Thanks for joining JFF this week. ~~Linda

  17. Your Mantel is Beautiful & Looks like it is Welcoming Spring, Love the photos on the Beach, Perfect!

  18. Beautiful! I Love all of the details in the mantel. Great job!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  19. I like your little side table and the way you did your faux blooming branches and your big collection of seashells. I also liked your pillow assortment - different blog post. I also have sort of a blue/brown/white thing going on in a few of our rooms and in my opinion we have similar tastes. I'm trying to go for a bit of an ocean breeze theme too. Nothing too over the top, but casual and coastal without being kitchy. Anyway, great progress on your home!

  20. love it!
    I am so wanting to be at the beach instead of in my house with the heater on!

    visit me

  21. you are one lucky girl to live so close to the water...your photos (outside and in) are gorgeous...especially the driftwood and the hydrangea blooms...thanks for sharing on fridays unfolded!


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