Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mad for Plaid

Sarah Richardson is probably my favorite designer. Everything she does inspires me, including the family bathroom in her farm house:
The Good Life
The Good Life
The Good Life
The Good Life
The colors and style of this bathroom are very similar to the vibe in our family room. I would love to find the fabric she used for her curtains to hang in my fam room...especially since she said on her show, and I quote, that fabric cost only $9.99/yard!! Um, steal! Unfortunately the company she bought the fabric from doesn't carry this product anymore and I can't seem to find it, or any kind of remotely close replacement, anywhere. So I took a risk on the fabric from below. When I purchased it, it was on sale for $6.50, originally $9.99/ it is on clearance for $3.50.

Roth St. Germain Plaid Blue/Yellow has great customer service and it's easy to do returns - they will even provide you with return shipping labels, prepaid. So it wasn't a huge risk to give this fabric a whirl and when it arrived I knew right away it wasn't what I was looking for. Up close and personal, the fabric has a lot of yellow in it, and I was okay with a sand color, along with the white/brown/blue color scheme....but a definite no-go to yellow. also has the following possibilities:

This one is also on sale for $3.50/yard....up close the quality looks a little questionable though, right?

Nature's Etchings Shirting Plaid Bay Blue/Beige
This fabric is on sale for $5.50/yard...I like the colors but it's not as "plaid" as I'd like, and I can't tell if the one of the horizontal lines is purple or gray (gray-yay, purple-boo)...nor can I tell if the mustard color is more of a green or tan shade (both fine) or...dun, dun, dun - mustard yellow:

Nursery Rhymes Plaid Blue
I like this next fabric a lot, but unlike the cotton fabrics above, this one is silk taffeta so is 1) more expensive at $19/yard and 2) the silk fabric might not mesh well with the casual, relaxed style of our family room. It's a shame, I do love everything else about this fabric - the plaid pattern looks crisp and I love the varying blue and white color combo. And definitely no yellow here.

Eleganza Silk Taffeta Viviana Plaid Blue
So now I am back on the hunt, trying to find something - anything - similar to Sarah's fun curtain fabric! Does anyone have any suggestions??!?! I am all ears!

And while we're on the topic of searching for awesome fabric inspired by Sarah Richardson, I've also been eyeing this fun combination of fabrics she used in a master bedroom on her show "Sarah's House." The picture below shows off the pretty blue/white geometric pattern but doesn't show the details of the equally pretty tan fabric as well. The tan fabric is covered in white polka dots. I love polka dots - always have, always will! 

bedrooms - blue white upholstered geometric pattern curved arm chairs ottoman  gray lumbar pillows  Thanks to Sarah's House. Sarah Richardson.
Decor Pad
I would love to find both the blue and tan fabric to make coordinating throw pillows in our living room or family room. I have looked high and low, online and in person, but can't seem to find these exact fabrics (or a decent runner up). Sarah is great about listing her resources on her website, but she tends to purchase from local Canadian shops which doesn't help me much here in Massachusetts. I have had a bit of luck with at least finding the right pattern of the blue geometric print, but all of the colors have been very bright and/or dark and I'm looking for a pale light blue. Also, I found what I thought would be the perfect choice for the tan polka dots on unfortunately when it arrived it was even more of a disappointment than the blue/yellow plaid mishap.

So now I am officially on the hunt for not 1, not 2, but 3 specific fabrics, thanks to Sarah Richardson and her design greatness. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions of fabric sites or shops to check out. Thanks in advance, friends!

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  1. Thanks for coming and visiting my blog and following it.. I too am now following yours.. :O) I so agree with you.. Sarah Richardson is my FAVORITE designer. I watch all her shows even if they are reruns that I have seen before. I learn so much from her. Please come back and watch the progress of our redesigning for our house. Best wishes on your up coming 1st year anniversary... :O)