Friday, March 11, 2011

A Kaylee Kandid in Honor of the Weekend

Hi Peeps!

I hope you all have a FAB weekend! On the top of my to do list is to dig a new hole in our backyard. Then I will stick my head inside the hole. I love doing that. Here's a picture of me after my Dad caught me in my most prized hole:

Then Mom hugged me because even covered in dirt she says I'm simply irresistible:

I like hugging. Hugging is my favorite!

I hope ya'll have a down and dirty kind of weekend, too!


  1. She is a cutie!! Have a great weekend, Martina

  2. Hi,
    Your blog is too sweet! I'm happy to be following along! Have a great weekend! P.S. FAB wedding pictures!!!!!


  3. Too cute! Fun post! I like hugging reminded me of Will Ferrel...LOL!

    Happy Weekend! :)

  4. What a sweetie- who could resist hugging Kaylee, with mud or without mud!!
    Have a great weekend and thanks for becoming my latest follower.
    I am folllowing you back.
    Hug for Kaylee

  5. How sweet! Who could be upset about a hole with that face! I'm now following you!

  6. Sweet dog! Thanks for following me, I'm following you back.

  7. What a precious girl!! Thanks for visiting my blog recently and for your sweet comments! I am now following your blog as well. Love it!!

    I am nominating you for a Stylish Blogger Award. Check out my blog for details @

    Enjoy your weekend. The weather is amazing in the deep south :-)